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How much do you know about monsoon dust storms?

✔️These are an underrated killer in Arizona! Straight-line winds in any thunderstorm can lift huge clouds of dust and reduce visibilities to near zero in seconds, which can quickly result in deadly, multi-vehicle accidents on roadways.

✔️Dust storms, or haboobs, are more common during the early part of the monsoon but can occur at any time during the season, depending on rainfall patterns. Be prepared for blowing dust and reduced visibilities any time thunderstorms are nearby.

✔️If you encounter a dust storm and cannot avoid driving into it.
✔️Pull off the road as far as you can safely do so.
✔️Turn off your headlights and taillights.
✔️Put your vehicle in "PARK," and/or engage your parking brake, and take your foot off the brake (so your brake lights are not illuminated.) Other motorists may tend to follow tail lights in an attempt to get through the dust storm and may strike your vehicle from behind.

Dust storms usually last a few minutes, and up to an hour at most. Stay where you are until the dust storm passes.

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Did you know strategically planting trees can help you save energy? Check out these tips on planting energy savings. via NRECA ...

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“Rural electric utility and telecommunications providers are working around the clock to keep families across America connected to telehealth, education, and loved ones during these difficult times." -Congressman Tom O'Halleran, Arizona

Thank you, Congressman Tom O'Halleran and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, for working together with GCSECA and NRECA to introduce the Flexible Financing for Rural America Act of 2020. Rep. Tom O'Halleran Senator Kyrsten Sinema #ConcernforCommunity #PowerOn

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If a swimmer is in the water and feels electricity or appears to be shocked, don’t dive in, or you could be shocked as well.

Turn off all power and then use a fiberglass shepherd’s hook to pull the victim out of the water.

via Safe Electricity

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Do you know a business, organization, non-profit, church, or individual that deserves to be bragged about?

Let's fill this basket up with tons of compliments for our neighbors and families! 🙂

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